Heiden Creative Wins Prestigious Award
St. Joseph Capital Bank Annual Report created by Heiden Creative placed among the top 374 annual reports of the 2,000 entries from 16 countries submitted to the League of American Communication Professionals competition. The LACP is dedicated to supporting and recognizing excellence in true practice of professional communications. Noted on the Visual Award Certificate: "St. Joseph Capital Bank's annual report is, overall, excellent. The book's overall creativity is very good, achieving an excellent job of delivering a clear message about the bank, it's mission, recent accomplishments and prospects for the future."


Translated in Three Languages
Ralston Purina Company was introducing a new product through the Food Retailing Industry and requested Shelley Heiden to assist in the marketing effort. The soy product was being introduced to restaurants, supermarkets and food suppliers across the country. This is a follow-up correspondence with the contact person whom Shelley worked with on the project.

"I wanted to take a breather to tell you how much we appreciate your efforts on the Menu Maker Project. Your creative direction has given Menu Maker the look and feel we wanted."

We have taken the program to major retailers and suppliers from New York to Los Angeles and in each meeting, the customer begins by complimenting us on the treatment given to the product. In addition to the attractive design work, there is a uniformity and consistency of message, adding impact to imagination. As you know, Ralston has needed a vehicle to tell a very difficult story in a manner which appealed to a variety of audiences. Your package not only communicates the message effectively, but it also gives us the flexibility we desired.

You will be happy to know your "brainchild" has been seen by organizations on five continents and has been translated into three languages. Menu Maker is going worldwide because Ralston Purina is now capable of communicating a story which can be understood and easily adapted to any number of cultures.

It has been a pleasure working with you. I know how unique and difficult the project was for the agency, and we are very thankful you were there to do the job. You're one in a million. The best to you. Frank J. Belatti


Client Challenge
A technology firm in Indiana was trying to contact and solicit a California-based company planning to open a distribution facility in the midwest and working through a broker in Ohio. The company's product was pre-packaged salads sold to supermarkets and fast-food franchises. Trying to get the contact information and schedule an introduction or meeting was more than a challenge. The technology company contacted Heiden Creative … and Company requesting a presentation package be created to sell their expertise and services to develop and maintain the company's warehouse network system.

HCC created a customized package that was contained in a black box wit the cover headline -"The best solutions are quite unexpected". In opening the box, an insert read - "Who else would put a mouse in your salad"? After removing the insert, the reader found a silk head of lettuce with a computer mouse slipped in. Four laminated inserts were placed behind the lettuce that shared the technology company's expertise and services.

Six customized boxes were created. Key people were identified and the packages were delivered overnight to six people in three states at the same time. Three of the six packages were sent to the California-based corporate office - to the president, national sales manager and the marketing manager. The broker in Ohio also received one, the contact at the Chamber of Commerce and the HCC's client received one.

HCC's client received a call two hours after the California-based company opened the package. The technology company (HCC's client) was awarded the project for the distribution facility's IT set-up and on-going maintenance.


Introduce new product line, Time-to-Leap Deco-Form Personalized Lead Generation Campaign to specific manufacturing markets. Five part Direct Mail Campaign with two direct mail cards, tube mailing, customized box, interactive internet and phone call. A personalized URL was used throughout the campaign for immediate response indicated to sales. This campaign introduced a new 3D Deco-Form product from Dec-O-Art unique to the market. Outcome of this campaign in 2013: 87.5% of respondents were decision makers. 62.5% use qty 500-5,000 product ID's on their products, 37% were currently using flat product ID's. 37.5% were ready to buy 62.5% within 6-12 months. The client is currently sending the next phase to a new targeted market.

NEXT PHASE - April -  Andrea Doll from Deco-Art shared the following: "We had the same basic percentages that we did with our first mailing. We had a few companies (4 or 5) contact us via an online “contact us” form (including Briggs and Stratton). Most people expressed interest during our phone call phase. In total, contacts at 25% of our target companies expressed further interest."


Heiden 's Marketing Presentation through Education

Weidner School of Inquiry (NewTech High School) in the Plymouth Community School Corporation WSOI @ PHS, welcomed marketing expert, Owner and Creative Director of Heiden Creative, Shelley Heiden who spoke to our learners about promoting, persuasion, and marketing. The students next project is to design a website that would engage and move their audiences to act in each of their significant business creations.


Women of the Year 2012/2013 
"Shelley Heiden of Heiden Creative was selected and on behalf of the National Association of Professional Women, we would like to commend you on your selection by the NAPW VIP Division as a 2012/2013 Professional Women of the year. Congratulations on your outstanding leadership and commitment within your profession. Your expanded profile is published and linked to the NAPW homepage. Your biography will be made available to the media, press, as well as any other associates or societies to which you belong. We wish you continued success and wishing you endless opportunities."